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In January 2010, John Randolph at the Powerhaus aircooled VW Shop in Torrance, CA had a client looking to build an engine for his basically new Ultima VW Beetle that was manufactured in Mexico in 2004. He wanted a street and strip car that would have the most power available. So, the Powerhaus team built a 2854cc Autocraft Turbo Charged, electronically fuel injected engine, producing over 400 hp at the rear wheels, with just under 20 psi of turbo boost. The parts chosen for this build as shown in the following pictures are an Autocraft Pro Series roller case, with a steel billet crankshaft, a set of Carrillo connecting rods, Autocraft piston and cylinder kit, Autocraft roller camshaft and lifter set, Autocraft 910 cylinder heads with hi ratio roller rocker arms, Autocraft one and a half stage wet sump pump, a Porsche 911 type fan assembly, and a large capacity remote oil cooler and fan assembly. Also, a heavy duty race type transmission case, along with some suspension and tire upgrades were needed as well. Perhaps the most amazing thing about this car, is the entire engine package fits under the stock VW engine cover!