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Piston and Cylinder Kits

Autocraft Engines offers the finest in quality high-performance piston and liner kits. Our liner kits come with four CP forged aluminum racing pistons (with or without valve notches), four Auto-Craft cylinders with a tensile strength of 60,000 psi, four lightweight wrist pins, clips or buttons, and our ring set which feature Dykes stainless steel top rings, cast iron second rings and a three-piece racing oil ring. Priced as a set of four.

Piston and Cylinder Kits
94mm       Price: $1,595.00
96.5mm    Price: $1,695.00
101.6mm  Price: $1,795.00
Lengths vary

Stroker Cranks

The Scat 4340 crankshaft is fully counterweighted to ensure a smoother running, better balanced engine. And each crank is brand new and made in one piece. Available with type 1 or type 4 main journals and with Porsche 912 or Chevy 2 inch rod journal, the 4340 crank comes standard or in a lightweight version, with a dowel pin or with a flange for rear hookup. Eight hardened dowel pins included.
If you’re looking for superior performance and reliability, the Moldex steel billet chromoly crank is for you. We feel that the Moldex crank is the strongest crank on the market today. It’s available in 82mm-90mm stroke, dowel or flanged.

Stroker Cranks
Scat   Price: $1,450.00
Moldex   Price: $2,195.00

Carrillo Rods

Carrillo rods are recognized by the automotive industry as the finest connecting rod available for any type of racing. These forged chromoly steel rods are machined to exacting tolerances and available in Porsche and Chevy rod journals, type 1 (.866) or Chevy (.927) piston pin bushing. Breakproof aircraft bolts are famous for their strength. Custom lengths available upon request with deposit. Set of four.

Carrillo Rods
Price: $1,395.00

Auto-Craft Stud Kit

8 MM/10 MM
High tensile ground finish chromoly steel head studs are a must when using higher compressions, exotic fuels and prolonged hard running. Standard factory studs will not tolerate the excessive strain of racing and will break – leaving you out of money! The extra thread length on the cylinder end will accommodate longer or shorter cylinders. Comes complete with 16 studs, 16 nuts and 16 washers.
10 x 12 MM This 10x12mm stud kit has a full radius blend to eliminate stress in threaded areas and broken studs. Pulling these studs out of the case is difficult because of the extra threaded area. These chromoly steel studs can be used in stock cases after the removal of standard factory inserts. The extra thread length on the cylinder end will accommodate longer or shorter cylinders. Comes complete with 16 studs, 16 nuts and 16 washers.

8 mm
Price: $175.00

10 mm
Price: $395.00

Fan Assembly

The answer to excessive cylinder head temperature, this lightweight fan assembly lowers cylinder head temperatures approximately 100 degrees, a must for the serious racer. We have tested this unit on both track and dyno, and feel that it deserves our endorsement. If you cannot run a water-cooled engine without a water pump, how can you run an air-cooled engine without an air pump?

Fan Assembly
Complete Assembly
Price: $1,295.00

Less Alternator
Price: $1,095.00

For more information on our products and services or to place an order, you may contact us via email or call our shop Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm E.S.T. at
(508) 485-2247.

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