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With you, the serious racer in mind, we have designed and machined the ultimate engine case. The case is cast of 356-T6 aluminum. The castings are flawless, with zero porosity, which makes the strongest possible part. Prototype cases were X-rayed from six sides by an independent lab and received an aircraft spec.

Some of the outstanding features include:

Pro Series Case from Autocraft Engines
  • Four parts: two case halves, a front cover and a rear engine plate
  • Case halves located with six hardened and ground dowel pins
  • Two oil scavenge pick-ups
  • Cast-in windage tray
  • Lower bolt-in windage tray
  • Machined for a future internal rev-kit
  • Heavier deck surface
  • Stronger cylinder stud mounting
  • Thicker main bearing webs
  • Case is a dry or wet sump configuration
  • Ready for either a two stage or three stage dry or wet sump system
  • Bolt on push rod tube seal plates with O-rings to seal
  • Six stud holes per cylinder, drilled and tapped
  • Front cover is a bolt-on component part and an O-ring seal for the main oil galley
  • Front cover can be easily removed for access to the camshaft gear
  • Ability to change your cam timing without splitting the case halves
  • Front cover has two hold down holes for the magneto mount
  • Rear engine plate is doweled for location
  • Rear engine plate is fastened with nine allen head cap screws
  • O-ring seals for both main oil galley and camshaft
  • Main studs are made of chrome moly steel
  • Main studs are a thru bolt design with special thick washers and aircraft nuts
  • Head studs have a ground finish, double heat treat

These cases are available in several different configurations:

  • Bores sizes available:
    • 94mm
    • 96.5mm
    • 101.6mm

  • Main lines available:
    • Type 1
    • Type 4

  • Flat Tappet or Roller type lifters

  • Wet Sump or Dry Sump
Price: $2,395.00

For more information on our products and services or to place an order, you may contact us via email or call our shop Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm E.S.T. at (508) 485-2247.